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13TH World returns in 2018 Bigger and better than ever before! Located in Cumberland, RI with easy access off highways and ample parking.

13TH World has featured a new haunt each season for the past 17 years. This year we will bring to life all your favorite characters from the movies and some never before seen. 

Coming event Sunday Oct. 21st

13TH World presents Family Fun Day. Here's your chance to bring the little ones who can't make it at night. For a chance to experience the attraction in the day time without monsters!!! This is a free event. We recommend kids to wear their costumes and enjoy the fun. Event time is 12-2pm

Date Night

Sundays at 13TH World is date night. Bring that special someone you care about and show them how much you can protect them!!!

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4097 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864, United States

(508) 298-8653

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